Student Support Services

Student Support Services

Pre-admission Services

Pre-course Counselling

  • Pre-course information, course lists and course outlines are easily accessible for prospective students at the Reception area.
  • Readily available guidance and advice on the suitability of the courses for students
  • Spatec Academy regularly evaluates and reviews on the pre-course counselling and advice services for continual improvement on our standards of services
  • The Academy also collaborates closely with guardians for students not exceeding 16 years of age
  • Career guidance programmes will be arranged to assist students to proceed to higher education.
Admission Services - Standard Student Contract

Standard Student Contract

The Student Contract is an important legal agreement between Spatec Academy and you.

Prospective students are to ensure that they fully understand the Student Contract for they will be required to sign one before starting a course or programme. You should seek professional advice if needed, and should not hesitate to ask for clarification of anything you do not understand from the Admissions staff.

All students on CPE registered courses must have a Student Contract with Spatec Academy before starting a course or programme. A draft copy of the Student Contract is available on request, and can also be found here.

An Advisory Note has to be signed by the Student to prove that the student understands and agrees to the terms and conditions set out by Spatec Academy.

There is a 7-day cooling-off period during which the student can cancel the policy for any reason.

Student Orientation Services

Student Orientations are held prior to the Course Commencement Date. This facilitates the transition and integration of newly enrolled students into the Academy’s learning environment. Students will also be informed of the Rules and Regulations in Spatec Academy.

The Registrar or designated staff who welcomes the new students and conducts the Student Orientation Programme on the first day of course covers the following aspects:

  • Distribution of Orientation Form, Student Welcome Kit, class schedule, name tags, uniform and other materials
  • Spatec’s Vision, Mission and Core Values
  • Spatec’s administrative and academic staff
  • Student’s Obligations
  • Brief coverage on FPS, refund policy, transfer/withdrawal policies, ICA regulations and requirements and any other obligatory CPE specific information
  • Pre-course counselling
  • Facilities Tour in academy
  • Living in Singapore – local culture, way of life, legal compliance, transportation methods, lodging and lifestyle related matters (for International Students only)
  • Introduce the Student Handbook and where to download from the academy website
  • Career opportunities
  • Feedback System / avenues for pastoral counselling, grievance handling, seeking redress etc.

The Academic Head may also meet the new students to inform them of the following:

  • Introduction to course
  • Introduction to the Awarding body – e.g.  ITEC
  • Schedules, class format etc.
  • Student’s Obligations
  • Information on Examination
  • Criteria for graduation

The list of up-to-date student support services is communicated to the students through the Student Handbook and Website.


All courses are conducted at our Spatec Academy facility, which is conveniently located at 10 Jalan Besar, #16-03, Sim Lim Tower, Singapore 208787.

There are 6 classrooms approximately 53.08, 53.08, 34.39, 44.94, 15.60 and 11.75 sq meter in area.

 Classroom         Area             Capacity     
Practical Classroom 1 53.08 35
Practical Classroom 2 53.08 35
Practical Classroom 3 34.39 22
Classroom 1 44.94 29
Classroom 2 15.60 10
Classroom 3 11.75 7

The Academy is also equipped with modern training facilities such as:

  • Well-equipped Practical Rooms & Training Labs
  • Staff Pantry Facilities
  • Toilet Facilities
  • Locker facility
  • Massage Beds
  • Facial Steamers
  • Waxing Machines
  • Equipment Sterilizers


Teacher-Student Ratio:

  • Theory 1:50
  • Practical 1:20
Pastoral Counselling

Spatec Academy provides emotional support for students to assist them in coping with mental stress relating to new environment and course demands.

  • Physical Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Mental Health
  • Spiritual Health
  • Social Health

All staff are to keep vigilant of any abnormality in students’ behaviors such as feeling stressed out, excessive smoking, looking disturbed and lost, frequently taking MCs and take proactive steps to address the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social health.  Staff noticing such behaviours should report immediately to the Principal. Principal, may in his discretion, direct appropriate counsellors to assist in the case.

Our Recommendation 
You may refer to Care Corner Counselling Centre.
Website: Care Counseling Center
Contact No.: 6353 1180

Student Helpdesk/Helpline 
Students can approach our course administrators for assistance.
Students are encouraged to refer to Private Education Committee (CPE) website for more information.

Medical Insurance

The Finance Executive ensures the AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd medical insurance coverage for all international students for hospitalisation and related medical treatment for the entire course duration with the following minimum coverage. Exemption for Singaporean/PR students if they are already covered by their own medical insurance plan; or a non-Student’s Pass international student who is protected by his own medical insurance coverage in Singapore can opt out from the medical insurance scheme.

Please refer to the Medical Insurance Scheme for more information on this.

Student Support - Course Deferment / Extension

The Academy considers requests from students for course deferment on compassionate grounds where there is a good reason deemed acceptable to the school.   Acceptable reasons may include:

  1. Family members who are very sick or dying whereby the student’s presence at home is required
  2. Traumatic family circumstances (e.g. death of a parent in an accident) whereby the family needs to be together to support each other
  3. Sickness or poor health whereby the student needs to have an extended period of rest

To request for a course deferment, students are required to write to the Academy giving the reason for their request and providing relevant documents (if available).  The Principal will consider the request and may consult with his Academic Head or other relevant staff as appropriate.  The Principal will then reply to the student on whether the request has been accepted, either directly or through his staff.

Where a deferment is allowed,

  • All supervisory processes are suspended. The student does not undertake any academic work and is considered to be ‘inactive’
  • No course fees will be charged during the deferment period
  • The length of time of the deferment is not included in the time period for completion of the program and any deadlines will be adjusted accordingly

The policy of the school is not to allow course extensions where a student is given an extended period to complete a course that other students in the same course would not normally be given. Where there are special considerations, exceptions may be made on a case to case basis.

Student Discipline - Suspension / Expulsion

If a student is suspected of committing an offence, the Principal may set up a Disciplinary Committee to investigate the matter and recommend appropriate disciplinary measures.

These measures may include the following:

  • Counselling
  • Issuance of warning letters
  • Confiscation of items
  • Reduction of marks or being given zero marks for an assessment
  • Suspension
  • Cancellation of student pass and repatriation to their home country

The offender may also have to pay for damages, liabilities or legal charges.

The Academy may decide to suspend the student in the following situations:

  • Possession / consumption of prohibited product or drugs
  • Vandalism
  • Forgery or cheating / cheating in test and / or examinations
  • Physical or verbal abuse
  • Misconduct related to abuse or misuse of Academy furniture or equipment

There is no refund to the student for the course fees that are consumed during the period of suspension.

The Academy may decide to expel the student in the following situations:

  • Stealing
  • Fighting, hooliganism and extortion
  • Absent without valid reason for more than 7 consecutive days
  • Willful defiance of the Academy’s rules and regulations, after having received warning letter(s)
  • Serious infringements of the laws of Singapore

There is no refund of the course fees, whether consumed or un-consumed, if a student is expelled.

Feedback & Complaints

Spatec Academy regularly evaluates feedback and complaints received. Appropriate actions will be taken to solve difficult situations and improve our services to meet the needs of the students. Spatec Academy regularly reviews the feedback and complaints procedures for continual improvement to ensure high standards of services.

We seek to resolve the matter within 5 working days, discussing with the complainant if necessary.If there has been no satisfactory solution to the complaint, the matter is escalated to the Management. Thereafter, the Management will review the case and work towards its resolution within 21 working days. If the matter is unresolved by then, it is handled as a dispute resolution matter.

We appreciate all forms of feedback. Students are encouraged to give compliments and complaints in writing. However, if it is a minor issue, then please tell a member of the teaching or administrative staff who will advise you further.

If you are pleased, do let us know as well! ♥

Written complaints may be made by letter, email or by completing a Complaint And Grievance Form, which can be collected from reception. The Spatec Academy will respond to written complaints within 21 working days. Please follow the procedures on the form and provide clear details so that the nature of your complaint can be clearly understood. The form also has information to explain what may be done if we are not able to resolve your complaint, or if you remain dissatisfied.

Student Satisfaction Survey & Course Evaluation Form

Students are required to fill up the Student Satisfaction Survey and Course Evaluation Form at the end of a module. Spatec Academy will evaluate and analyse on the results produced. Improvement will be done to ensure high standards of services.

Upon Graduation

Graduate Tracking Survey will be conducted to track graduates’ status after 3 to 6 months from graduation.

Please drop a call to (65) 6343 0040 prior to the collection of your certificates to ensure a short collection time. If you require a proxy to collect your certificate on your behalf, please have the following printed and filled up. Your proxy must have the filled authorization form and present his identification card for verification purposes.

Accidents & Emergencies

First Aid 
We have a first aid box available in case of any emergencies. Please approach our staff for assistance.

Escape routes are clearly displayed and you will be advised on what to do during your introduction to the Spatec Academy. Please follow the instructions of our staff, quickly and quietly. A roll-call of students and staff will be taken at the Assembly Point. Please do not attempt to re-enter the building until you are told it is safe to do so.

From time to time we have a Fire Drill. You will be told that it is a Drill, but please treat it as an emergency even though it is for practice, as it is essential that everyone knows what to do.

Learning Support & Welfare

Spatec Academy wants you to succeed. Should you need learning support, help on how to study, or if you have a welfare issue that has arisen during your course that you need assistance with, please let your teacher know so that an appropriate response may be made.

Assistance to the Students

Spatec Academy has established an appointment system to provide assistance to students. Please approach your teacher or the reception to make an appointment. All students are reminded that they are not permitted to enter Spatec Academy Offices and they are required to observe this restriction at all times.

Spatec Academy does not provide student accommodation. However, information regarding accommodation can be found at the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board website.

Spatec Academy provides advice on courses and post-graduation opportunities upon graduation. Please contact your teachers for the appointment if you need any assistance. Where there is a requirement and it is appropriate to do so, Spatec Academy will prepare a letter of recommendation in support of further study.