ITEC (UK) International Therapy Examination Council
Examination Matters

ITEC Examination Information

ITEC Examinations are conducted at the end of the course. Students who have passed the examinations will be awarded the ITEC Diploma. The examination format will consist of both written examination and practical examinations. External Examiners will be present during the examination / endorsed the examination result.

In addition to the ITEC examinations, Spatec Academy also conducts in-house examinations, a mock simulation examination that aims to better prepare the students for the ITEC Examinations. All students are encouraged to pass the in-house examination before proceeding to the ITEC examinations.

An Examination Notice will both be announced in class and put up on the notice boards. Students are expected to keep themselves updated on the examination schedules, requirements and the rules to comply.

Passing Criteria for Diploma Examinations

Spatec Academy categorizes course marks according to the standard grading scale as follows:

Grading Scale for Theory papers:
Pass Grade 60-74%
Credit/Merit Grade 75-89%
Distinction Grade 90-100%
Pass Grade for Anatomy and Physiology Theory paper 50%
Pass Grade for Practical 60%

All students must satisfy the following conditions before being awarded the expected academic award upon completion of their course:

  • Fulfilled course requirements for graduation;
    For example, ITEC students must pass all of their case study, practical and theory examinations.
  • Achieved at least 90% per month of attendance (for STP students) or 75% per month of attendance (for non-STP students)
Examinations' Rules and Requirements

Students will be informed of specific requirements for ITEC examinations during classes, and this information will be displayed on the student notice board as well.

  • Students who will be taking ITEC Theory examinations have to reach the exam venue 15 minutes before the start of the examinations.
  • Students who will be taking ITEC Practical examinations have to reach the exam venue 1 hour before the start of the examinations.
  • Information on the rules and regulations of the ITEC examinations will be provided to the students. Students are encouraged to understand and abide to the rules and regulations.
  • Students must submit both soft and hard copies of their Case Studies upon completion of their ITEC courses. After examinations, hard copies of the Case Studies will be returned to students whereas soft copies will be retained by the Academy.
  • Students must ensure the models to be brought in for the practical examinations should meet the following requirements:
    • Models have to wear shorts
    • Models are not suffering from any skin problems and/or injuries such as open wounds.
    • Models should not be an existing or past ITEC student
    • Models must not wear any jewelleries and/or watches during examinations.
Responsibility of the Student to Comply with Examination Requirements

All students MUST fully comply with examination rules and regulations. This may be as simple as being required to answer in pencil and not with a pen because this is what the Examination Board requires. Students who do not comply or who are late may not be able to take the examination and it MAY NOT BE POSSIBLE to re-arrange an examination date. This means that students who do not comply with the rules and regulations will fail the examination. In such circumstances, there is no refund of course or examination fees.

ITEC Examination's Results and Appeals

Student may submit an appeal for the results of the external examination. All appeal must be submitted within 30 working days of receiving the statement of results. Late appeals will not be entertained. Appeals must be made on prescribed forms with payment of a deposit of $110.00. The students will be notified of the outcome of the appeal within 14 working days after submitting the appeal. Students will be informed in writing of the decision of Examination Committee on the appeal. The decision of the examination  Committee for the appeal is final.

In House Examinations (Spatec Academy)

The course teacher will release results of the in-house examinations to the students. Appeals about the results of an examination should be submitted within 7 working days from releasing the results. No payment is required for appeals for In-House Examination.  The Academy will release the Appeal results 14 working days to the student. Retaking of the test may be arranged for the students.

Student Appeal Procedure

Step 1: Student

Each student is allowed to submit a maximum of one appeal for the final result. Students who wishes to appeal his results submits Student Appeal Form with supporting evidence attached to the Registrar.

Mitigating circumstances such as the following, but not limited to, will be taken into considerations:

  • Ill-health – physical or mental
  • Severe financial hardship i.e. over and above that experienced by all students
  • Emotional/personal difficulties – e.g. bereavement
  • Disabled Students i.e. where the student’s disability comes to light for the first time at assessment
  • Unavoidable absence from the Academy

Student has to submit the Appeal Form with supporting documents and pay the appeal fee.

Step 2: External Exam Body

For external examinations, the external examining body determines the appeal outcome.

Step 3: Academic Head (AH)

For in-house (Internal) exams, AH collates all Student Appeal Forms and submits them to the Examination Board (EB).

Step 4: Examination Board (EB)

EB shall convene to review student appeals. EB may review the course performance, past work done and the examination script and interview the students before arriving at decisions.

Decides on the outcome of appeal and submit the outcome of the appeal to Operations Head.

Step 5: Operations Head

Will inform student accordingly of the outcome of appeal.

Spatec Academy releases the appeal results within 4 weeks from the official date of release of the exam results.